Monday, August 24, 2009

jury summons.

I never thought I'd be summoned for jury duty, but Saturday night I walked into my house to find an envelope with my name on it from the Sedgwick County Courthouse.  The first thought that came to my head was, "for real...?!"

I slowly opened the envelope hoping it wasn't what I thought it was, but alas, I read in big bold letters across the top of the paper, JURY SUMMONS.

While reading through the letter, I hoped that under the list of people who could be excused was "anyone involved in the educational system", but no such luck.  Instead they dealt with the inability to understand English, having been convicted of a crime over the past ten years, or breast feeding mothers.  I, obviously, did not fall into any of those categories.

I had a few friends giving me ideas of how to get out of it... some suggested dressing up like a character from a movie like Princess Lea from Star Wars, while others remained simple, claiming that I knew the person being tried.

After thinking about it for a while, I began to get excited about having this opportunity.  Luckily, the day that I have been summoned, is only an in-service day for me at school, so I get to miss sitting through incredibly boring presentations and I won't have to plan for a sub. 

I do hope that if I do get picked to serve on the jury, that it won't be for some horrendous murder case that lasts for weeks; I cannot miss that much school...

All in all, the man has spoken, and I must complete my duty.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I cannot wait to go see these guys in October. It'll be my fifth time seeing them live and I already know they're going to blow me away, just as they have every show I've been to.

Their new CD, Armistance, just came out earlier this week. It of course, is incredible.

Friday, August 21, 2009

where art thou fair?

One thing I looked forward to while living in Des Moines was the Iowa State Fair. There's nothing like eating [just about] anything you want on a stick, mullet hunting, and checking out a life size sculpture made out of butter.

Kansas and Iowa are very similar in the fact that they're flat, windy, and quite honestly, just plain boring. BUT, Iowa has one of the best fairs in the nation, so in a battle between the two states, Iowa wins by a mile.

This is the third year in a row that I have not been able to enjoy the beauty that is the Iowa State Fair, and quite honestly, I do covet those who get to attend. I've gone to a few fairs here in Kansas, but none of them compare.

Maybe one day I will return and relive the beautiful event that occurs every August, but for now I'll continue dreaming of eating a scruptious state fair corn dog covered in ketchup.