Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ramblings [of randomness]

I tried Wakeboarding for the first time this past weekend. Besides having difficulties standing up, once I was able to get up, I think I did a pretty decent job. Having 8 years of snowboarding under my belt definitely helped a ton I think. It was actually really easy, but since I had never done it before, I was too nervous to try anything I wasn't perfectly comfortable with. Maybe next time I'll be a little more gutsy.

The weekend was full of firsts for me... besides wakeboarding, I also experienced the Iowa State Fair for the first time, where there I had my first corn dog. I must say, the fair meets every Iowa stereotype I've ever heard... white trash of America. Seriously... guys walking around with no shirts on, cut off short jean shorts, cow boy hats, missing teeth, girls wearing clothes they shouldn't be, strong southern hick accents, sitting on lawn chairs in front of houses drinking a beer while cussing up a storm at their spouse... it was awesome. I definitely had some great entertainment Friday. Thanks Iowa State Fair.

Classes start up again in 2 weeks... I'm gonna be honest... not really looking forward to it. I don't think this semester is gonna be an easy one.

After 8 months of prayer, I was given a direction to walk in after graduation come May. The Lord has given me a path to walk down and at least pursue [right now]; nothing is for sure - just checking things out. I'm excited, yet terrified at the same time. I'm still looking into a few places... an application process will come this winter, but I'll leave it at that for now. Updates will come as they surface.

So I work with this one lawyer who... how do I put this nicely?... creeps me out and annoys the crap out of me. I don't usually have a hard time loving people, but he is one of the few people who I find extremely hard to love. I don't like it when old men check me out... but besides that creepy factor, here's a guy who will take 30 minutes to tell a 5 minute story. He's extremely smart and remembers really random things (i.e. every teacher he ever had, what he was wearing while he were skiing 30 years ago, etc.), so he feels that it's necessary to include every... single... detail... when he tells me a story. Not to mention he is one of the slowest talkers ever. I'm sorry dude, but I don't want to hear about all the women you hit on, and please please stop looking at me like that. You could at least try to be somewhat discrete... sick.

I fell in love with a comedian this week. Check out
Jim Gaffigan. Hilarious.

I'm helping my younger sister settle into her dorm room on Saturday. It's weird... she's going to college. I look at her and I still see a 12 year old little girl. The LORD is going to do big things in her life at Creighton. Plus, I love the fact that she's only 2 hours away from me. Oh how I wish everyone knew Beth; she's amazing (and I'm not just saying that because she's my sister).

The LORD said this recently... It is time to move into the Kingdom, for when you find your kingdom position, you shall enjoy the reality of all that you have read in My word and all that you have experienced. The days of My glory are upon you, and you are changed from glory to glory into My image. These are the times that you have yearned for and prayed for. When the reality of My kingdom becomes a fact in your life, you will experience the joy and peace of the kingdom, and victory will be manifest. Arise and come forth. Make the transition between the old and the new. It is My good pleasure to usher you into the reality of the Kingdom. I delight in you, and My delight is to have you experience that which has been prepared for you. Come forth and abide in the glory of this hour. You have received a foretaste, but now taste and see that which I do, and be satisfied. I pray it speaks truth [to you] in someway.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In Awe

I know that the people who lived during "Bible Times" (or whatever you want to call it) are not any better or worse then us living today... they're human... flesh... they think, sin, and act the same way as we do. But it's hard not to place some of them on a pedestal and stand in awe.

One man: Paul (the former Saul). Talk about a dude who was kick a. But before Saul found GOD, yeah not so much... he was the son of a Pharisee making him too a Pharisee which he boldly lived his life as. He would not accept that Jesus was the Messiah. He persecuted those who followed Christ. He watched, if not participated in the martyr of Stephen. He threatened death on Christ followers, and even went through with murdering some of GOD's children. When you stop there, not so cool...

But something happened. GOD happened. Saul's eyes were finally opened to the Truth. Well... by opened I mean that GOD actually cast him into blindness, telling him to go to a city called Damascs, where he remained blind and was called to fast for 3 days. His sight was then returned to him... but his sight was something new, different... He had the LORD's eyes. This is where he got cool... he became Paul. The man who fell in love with Jesus and did whatever it took for people to hear His name. Preaching left and right whenever he got the chance, Paul walked away from death and became the man that GOD had made him to be.

It didn't stop there... Paul was falsly accused and thrown into prison where he prayed.. and prayed and prayed... if there ever was a prayer warrior, Paul's the man. If I was put it prison for not doing anything wrong, would I be able to sit and sing praises to GOD? Would I be able to find joy during that time? Paul did... and that's astounding. I'll be honest when I say that I don't know if I would find that joy and happiness and praise that Paul did. Dang. Paul trusted GOD more than words can explain... a guy that denied Christ... a guy that hated Christ followers... a guy that murdered the innocent... sat in prison trusting that His GOD would remain faithful to him. We don't deserve GOD to stick with us... His grace blows me away... but Paul, he knew the LORD would come through for him, so that's why he found joy in the hardest of times.

Just a sidenote... I love how people prayed then...

...they will be filled (Matthew 5:6)
...they will be freed (Isaiah 61:1)

They prayed knowing and expecting Him to answer. They didn't say "free them", but they spoke in confidence saying "GOD, you will free them." And that's what Paul did... he believed his Father would come through.

(Read Acts if you want to hear more about Paul's life)

We know that our Father remains faithful no matter what, but why is it so dang hard to remain faithful back? Why do we have such a hard time trusting the only One who will ever love us unconditionally? It just amazes me at how hard it actually is to trust Him. I can easily speak about how simple it is to remain faithful and trust, but man... actually doing it... so freaking hard! I wish that wasn't the case... I wish I could trust Him more. My heart deeply longs to trust Him more... and I know He's calling me to that place.

Paul was incredible because He had GOD living within him; we too can be as incredible as Paul. By become GOD-fearing men and women we have already reached that place; it's about GOD inside of us and once we have that, BAM!... we're breathtaking. We can't put others on a pedestal and stand in awe... GOD needs to be the One that we have our eyes fixed on.

... And thankfully... He remains faithful to me even when I'm being a complete idiot.


Random thought (seeing as it seems to be wedding season...): I was lucky enough to witness the marriage ceremony of my friend Jenny, to the love of her life, Joe, this past weekend. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. She looked gorgeous as her father walked her down the aisle... and her smile was indescribable. For the past year I've been able to see this relationship grow into something beautiful. GOD has been the center, and that's the only reason they made it to the chapel. Their hearts long for Jesus, just as His longs for them. I know I'm probably not getting married anytime soon (seeing that I'm not even in a relationship...), but when I get to walk arm in arm with my dad towards that incredible man that I'll spend the rest of my life with (...and he will be incredible no doubt...), it will be one of the most amazing moments ever.