Friday, December 21, 2007

airport [bliss]

here i sit at the wichita airport, awiting my flight to o'hare. but, as always, o'hare has caused delays for some flights; including mine.

i got to the airport with plenty of time to spare (two hours early). i waited in line for two hours to check my bags. luckily (and not so) within those two hours, my plane managed to be reported as delayed twice. if things go as they predict, we should be in the air within the next hour.

i admit though, i was not happy as i stood in line and heard that i was delayed. i thought a few things, and even said a number of comments under my breath and to the people around me. i purposely gave airport workers dissatisfied looks, and threw negative comments out about the people around me who didn't know how to use the check-in computers.

stressed? indeed.

after walking through security, and getting some food, i found a little spot to sit in order to update the blog (where i am at the moment). i then began thinking...

i had no right to act the way that i did. it's embarassing to think about, let alone express my actions via blog.

the more i thought about my behavior, the stronger the Lord spoke in my heart. i have the privilage of knowing a Savior. i have been rescued and given grace. i know God. i have chosen to give Him my heart, and i have stood delcaring the name of Jesus. i have dedicated my life to living for Jesus Christ, and to enhancing His Kingdom. if all of this is indeed true, then i must act like it. even when i find myself in an airport, surrounded by crabby people who turn to me and say "does that moron even know what he's doing!?" i must live how i say that i live.

but then my heart began to ache. and i couldn't help but ask, 'what would it be like to not know that my heart belonged to the Father?'

how would that change me? who would i be? how would i talk? and how would i act while awaiting a flight to o'hare in the wichita airport?